Best Ideas for Wood and Metal Dining Table

Mar 31st

Wood And Metal Dining Table – Wood and metal dining table combining on natural oak and structure of the metal table aged finish. This dining table as the manufacture so any variation in it is possible. Size this table is 180 cm long x 90 cm wide, but if you need larger or smaller measure is no problem the top of this table is made with old oak beams, from which we derive the thick wooden slats where knots of wood and irregularities are part of its beauty. Logically when a table made of old oak price is higher, but if you want a cheaper solution, we can make this same table with top new oak instead of old oak.

Another great advantage of this dining table is wood and metal dining table structure on which we can apply any changes you want. One of the alternatives that many of our customers choose is that the metal structure reaches the end of the table instead of being a bit stuck inside as in this table. As for the finished iron, nor is any problem. This table is finished in rust color, but if you want it in black, gray, white or any other color or finish I just have to tell us.

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Definitely a wood and metal dining table perfect for the dining room of your house. It is perfect in the dining room, an office, terraces and porches. Although here we present it as a dining table is also perfect as a desk. The advantage of making it to the extent you need table makes this a perfect choice for working comfortable without having to give up a nice desk.