Build Reclaimed Wood End Tables

Mar 27th

Reclaimed Wood End Tables – Using reclaiming woods for your new table is not only good for the environments but also for your wallet. Any kind of wood will do the job and do not need to be a carpenter to make one. Recycled wood is usually of higher quality than today harvested wood therefore recycled wood table will often be of higher quality than a new one. A table of recycled wood is generally stronger than a new tables.

Instructions: 1) Remove the door seals. Cut about 6 inches from the side of the door with the circular saw where mangoes were so there will be no hole in the surface of the reclaimed wood end tables. 2) sand the surface of the door with the sander and sandpaper. If the door was painted sand until you have a light wood surface. 3) Sand the edges of the door with the sander and sandpaper. 4) Clean the door surface with a dry cloth. Apply the glaze with a brush and wait until dry. Wear a mask during the process. The reclaimed wood end tables where the table legs are screwed into the mark of five . Screw the table legs at the door. You can get the legs in most furniture stores.

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