Build Slate Top Coffee Table

Apr 3rd

Slate Top Coffee Table – Adding slate to the top of a tables is a common way to create pieces of furniture that will last until the test of time. Slate is far superior to wood or other products in terms of durability, and its natural beauty is easily mixed with a number of design patterns, so to facilitate their insertion in both indoor and outdoor locations. Building a slate table allows you to turn an ordinary table into something rich in natural beauty and strong enough to last a lifetime.

Instructions: 1) Measure the dimensions of the surface of the slate top coffee table and check the measures against the size of the board you have purchased. Mark the center of the table and check to see if you can install tiles across the full width and length of the table, or you will have to make cuts. Adjust the design according to personal preference. 2) Mark the center of the table clearly, and use the stylus to draw reference lines to be used during the installation of the board. Spread a layer of adhesive mortar thin layer on the surface of the slate top coffee table with a notched trowel and install the pieces of slate pressing firmly on the mortar bed and move them a bit until they are completely glued to the mortar.

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