Building Bedroom Vanity With Lights

Mar 11th

Bedroom Vanity With Lights is not a common piece in the bedroom furniture, so a homeowner who wants to add one can choose to build one to get what he wants. Matching wood in the current bedroom is the top priority, especially if the furniture is stained.


Apply glue on 1 u00BD-inch pieces (buttons), place them on the bottom of the gables, flush with the front, and fasten them with the 2d box nails. Measure from one of the long sides and make four marks up the edge of 3/8 inch. Drill lower the holes on these marks. G Secure it to those with 4d finish nails. Set the nail heads with the nail set. Turn the Bedroom Vanity With Lights over so the top is down. Draw a line on the bottom of the upper help of the edge of the shelf as a guide. Place the shelf towards the back of the bedroom vanity and draw a line there too.

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Place the remaining two gables on the work table. Apply glue to one of the short and one of the long edges and place the end panel on the lines. Attach it to the back with or screws. Repeat this for the other end of the Bedroom Vanity With Lights. Place one of the shelves between the two ends and top to help keep it in place while turning the vanity on the back and securing the gables to the top with the target nails. Repeat this at the other end of the bedroom vanity too. Place the angular hook on the marks and draw a line on the inside of the gables.