Charming 48 Double Vanity Design

Mar 13th

What a charm this bathroom of purely modern style, purely minimalist and, I would say, purely spatial. The detail of the 48 double vanity like squashed balls on a wooden wash cabinet with irregular sconces is sensational. It is another bath of moderate proportions that wanted to join the party of the double sinks. The narrow back wall is completely covered by the modern furniture of this bathroom. Many interesting things this bathroom has.

One of them, perhaps the most notorious, is the sink set, where the avant-garde design was applied to obtain a personal and different result. The stretched format of these 48 double vanity allows. On the other hand, that the small diagonal wall that separates the area of ​​the shower, is not a hindrance. Two tables of wood of confection. And old design have been perfect to implement the double washbasin in this space, in two lavatory furniture.

The slab of the bachas has an ancient and at the same time modern form. It is that there is no one who is not enchanted by the current trend in slabs of old reminiscences floating on countertops. The 48 double vanity details that complete the picture are the mirrors, although we can not fail to mention the subtle but powerful presence of the pink tiles.

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