Choose the Best Vanity Wall Mirror

Mar 14th

Vanity wall mirror are functional elements in rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms. But they can also be a design element in other parts of the house and help create the illusion of a larger room. Determine the purpose of your vanity wall mirror. A bathroom or bedroom mirror will usually be used to control your appearance, so a full-length mirror will be appropriate. The location of your mirror can also affect the types of materials acceptable to the frame. For example, an untreated wood frame will not hold up well in a humid area like in the bathroom.

Consider the shape and orientation of your mirror. And vanity wall mirror can be cut in almost any shape so you have to decide whether you want a round, rectangular, oval or hexagonal mirror. Vertical or horizontal orientation must also be considered. A wall mirror over a hall table can fit with a horizontal orientation while a bedroom mirror may be suitable for a vertical orientation.

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Think of the appropriate size for vanity wall mirror. A big mirror really can open up a small room. While a series of small, round mirrors can simply be an attractive design element on a wall. Practical mirrors, such as people over bathroom vanities. Ideally should be big enough to see your entire head and upper body.