Cleaning Glass Counter Height Table

Mar 23rd

Glass Counter Height Table – Like the glass in mirrors or windows, the glass used to make table tops of counter height table susceptible to fingerprints and similar marks left behind. If a glass slide is self-cleaning for a while, it can also develop a film of dust and debris in the air that accumulates on the surface.

Use a mild soap to cleaning glass counter height table, such as dish soap, instead of glass cleaner on your glass table. Dish soaps is enough to clean through all the grease and dirt on the glass table, but dish soaps is gentle and not interfere with any coating which can protect the table. Add just enough detergent to a bowl of water to get the bubbles.

Wipe the glass counter height table down with soap and water every time you eat. Use a soft cloth or sponge and scrub the sticky areas or places where debris caked on. Avoid using any material which is abrasive, damaging any coating on the table and can actually scratch the glass. Remove the soap from the table; wipe the table down with a wet cloth. Then wipe the glass table with a dry cloth.

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