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White Lacquer Coffee Table – Change your home decor is fun, but it doesn’t have to be expensive if you think creatively. Shabby chic furniture remain fashionable and brightly painted old furniture may seem as good or even better than new. The old coffee table can be a new impulse in life with wise hand painting. Careful preparation is the key to a change of image of success of the project, so make sure that it allows enough time and materials deemed sufficient in the preparation of surfaces for painting. Easier to use (latex) paint that is water based, but with oil based paint can give a better finish.

Prepare a work area. You have to place a tarp or old newspaper on the floor, because otherwise the paint and dust out everywhere. You can work, especially if you use oil paints that emit fumes. Setting the table to paint. A white lacquer coffee table that are already coated with paint or varnish, to avoid a new coat of paint stick. Take a fine sand paper and sanding the surfaces of all tables (including legs and sides). Sand lightly; You only want to remove gloss, not polishing the wood. Delete table filter to remove dust.

Prepare the white lacquer coffee table that uses a brush and primer white water-based (latex). You can buy the primer but often just as good to use diluted white emulsion. Use a mixture of half water, half cat. Allow it to dry. Water-based primer should immediately be touch dry, but let two or three hours before continuing to the next step. The sand table again, again, use very fine sandpaper. This soften any imperfections left by a coat of primer. Clean tables after there is dust on the surface.

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