Comfort and Functional Ikea Double Vanity

Mar 13th

In family bathrooms or bathrooms used by more than one person, an ikea double vanity has become a standard and a necessity, especially if there is no second bathroom available. This is a practical solution that saves a lot of space and offers comfort and functionality to the occupants of the house and allows you to avoid the fight in the morning and the night in the bathroom.

When you choose between the plethora of ikea double vanity design ideas you should keep in mind some things. First, there is the size available in your bathroom. The next thing that is important is the general design and decoration, since the dressing table is always visible and must be in harmony with the style of the interior and the rest of the furniture.

Choose the material for the vanity cabinet and the counter – wood, marble, granite – so that the vanity complements the color scheme of the bathroom. In most cases, the choice of toilet will influence the type of sink: integrated, sink, etc. which means you will have to carefully choose the material to match your design style. What do you think about the idea of ikea double vanity?

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