DIY Your Own PVC Bar Patio Table

Apr 1st

Bar patio table is easy to work with, there are only PVC cement is to glue together the pipe firmly and connectors. With the addition of a butcher block table, your special format PVC patio bar to your friends and family to ‘belly up’ during barbecues, picnics and parties. Connect an external mounting cap 2 cm from each corner on the bottom of the butcher block countertop. Mark the holes with a pencil and drill the holes. Screw caps underside of the tabletop.

Install the four legs. Place the four legs in a horizontal rectangle with the connectors facing each other. Brush PVC cement in each of the connectors. Turn upside down the sink. Brush PVC cement on the external mounting caps. Quickly press caps on four legs in the assembly. Allow it to dry completely. Add a PVC cap at the bottom of each leg. Glue it with PVC cement and let it dry before the bar patio table upside down. Wipe the butcher block with food-grade mineral oil. Allow to absorb the oil in the timber and repeat. About 4-6 generally requires a butcher block oil layers. Remove any excess oil with a cloth and rub the bar patio table top to a shine.

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