Extend a Wood Slab Dining Table

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Wood slab dining table – You bought your wooden dining table not only for frequent family use, but can be adapted to a larger number of people for dinners and extended family gatherings. Wisely, he bought a table with a sheet or two to increase their size for those times. The extender leaves or segments are cut from the same wood as the table. They can be stored directly below the table surface. Placing the leaves to make the extension table usually requires a simple and orderly process.

Extend wood slab dining table; Pull the extender blade under the table. If you have stored separately from the table, which is practical. Pull each end of the table so that the two halves start to separate. A dining table extender is designed to separate at or near its center, so that thinner sheets can be inserted. Once separated, you should see inner pins on one side of the table top and the holes in which to insert pins at the other side.

Place the blade in the gap, positioning it so your pins and holes are aligned with the holes and the pins of the main table. Even if you have managed to get the table apart on their own, this step requires another set of hands. Insert pins on one side of the sheet in dowel holes of the table. Insert the plugs of the table in pin holes of the sheet. Push the ends of the wood slab dining table towards the center until they are empty.

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