Firepit Coffee Table Design

Mar 12th

Firepit coffee table is not exactly a fireplace and not exactly a table, but that of a certain subject is able to enrich any garden, room or open space. Like very often in recent times, it is a multi-functional product, namely able to combine more functions in one product. The purpose of the company fire pit coffee table is to create a product that is able to entertain and relax at the same time, that is able to be comfortable and functional on hot days, during the always prefers more to be outdoors. The purpose is well served because this object is able to create a real living room inside the case garden, an outdoor patio or deck.

The firepit coffee table, its surface is covered with polished tiles and even more gloss is its center or covered with glass, where is positioned the fireplace. The fireplace, in fact, has a reservoir that is lowered with respect to the surface of the wire and this cavity is filled with pieces of glass. A very particular way of conceiving a burner. The glass amplifies the brightness of the fire and the flames are free to emanate from it. The fire has no security and the plate where content measures about 60 cm.

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The elements that can be customized firepit coffee table are the coating of tiles (slate of colors and finishes dips or granite), the burner shape (rectangular or circular), the same base of the table (for both the form and for the material, and choices range from metal to wicker) and of course the color and transparency of the glass.

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