Fold Down Changing Table and Hutch

Apr 9th

Fold down changing table is usually used for small workspaces. Having a workspace that has a small size is necessary adaptation work atmosphere so that the design can be maximized. Design attitude can be manifested in several forms one of which is to select the right design table.

On this occasion we will give you an example of furniture with a design that is suitable for small work space. Design fold down changing table this is the work of designer named designed to house a furniture company BDI. Is a masterpiece of design that is simple and pretty with the structure of the table attached to the wall of the house as a buffer? With these designs the room under the table becomes more widespread in the absence of a table leg.

To move on when work has also become more flexible because there is no barrier on the right and left of the desk, the basic shape fold down changing table is like the letter L to the side is made of a metallic element, while the sides put the finishing natural wood materials that make the room feel warmer. Top of its use finishing black color makes the design work table looks more elegant and gives the impression that the weight on the atmosphere of the room. For application in the room is certainly dependent on his or her designer tastes of each individual.

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