Get Perfect Mid Century Dining Table

Mar 27th

Mid century dining table – dining rooms are often big jokers home. If house has another table in kitchen, dining room is used rarely, for family or friends meetings, and rest of time acts as worktable or for homework . Here we give you some tips to get perfect dining table for your home tending to space and needs of each household. When choosing size and shape of dining table , two factors that we should not fail to take into account: on one hand, real needs of inhabitants of house and on other, space available housing.

If you fits best is a mid century dining table round, optimal diameter measurements vary depending on number of diners who want to sit at your table. A round table for four people should have a diameter of at least 90 cm . For diner else you want to sit at your table, you should increase between 15 to 20 cm. Thus, for five persons, a diameter of 110 will require, for six of 125 to 140cm seven and so on.

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Another idea would be to have two square or rectangular mid century dining table alike and same size, that can be attached in case people receive or use one of them individually for day. In any case, while it is important to get dimensions of table, either rectangular, square or round, so it is enjoying company of our own in a cozy atmosphere, which should not be neglected and achievable with a few details. A good ambient lighting, a nice tablecloth, natural decorative details, such as dry leaves and even seasonal fruits, get evenings at home a success.