Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights Ideas

Mar 14th

Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights – A decorative mirror skirt can turn a regular desk or foot into a beautiful make-up table or vanity. Just look for a small table or desk that you do not use, or search for something used and reasonable mess sales. It does not have to be perfect. A layer of color will fix what the dress does not cover


Measure the height of the Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights and add 2 inches to the length of the fabric that will be the dress. You will want the fabric to brush the floor, and you need some to the edge of the sheep. Measure how much fabric it would cover to cover the front of the table. Cut the fabric to your mirror skirt according to your measurements. Fold a 1/4 inch of fabric to the hem around the whole play with sewing pins to hold the cover in place. Take the fabric with a sewing machine; remove the stitches you are sewing.

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Determine which side of the fabric comes up on your skirt and that will bottom. Along the top edge of the Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights, in 2 inches intervals, pinch about 1 cm of the fabric together and fold it flat on the top edge, secure with needles. Continue with this along the fabric creating folds that collect on the dress. If it’s too short or too long, customize folds appropriately. Action 1/4 inch in from the top of fabric, and sew fold down, secure them once. Action 1 1/2 inches down from the top, and fasten another line along the top, secure fold twice.