How to Build a Simple Skinny Sofa Table

Jun 7th

A skinny sofa table is a good place to display art objects and books. From sitting behind a sofa, it works a bit like a room divider. The construction of a sofa table is relatively simple, and that looks good without a lot of shelves or ornamentation. Measure the length of the sofa. Designing the tabletop to be about 12 shorter than the length of the sofa inches. You can make the board rectangular table. Or, you can cut a slanted top out wider in the middle. For the type of wood you want. Buy wood and a color stain that harmonize with other wood furniture in the room. To use metal legs or scroll work metal, buy exact sizes.

Designing and building the table around the metal parts. Cut the top of the table for the first time. In a rectangular skinny sofa table, use a wood router for relaxing on the side of the top edge. Adding strength to the table by reducing a lower wooden shelf or installing a metal platform. The platform must be at least 6 inches off the floor. Glue and clamp the bottom shelf in place if it is granted to timber and wooden legs. Of sand and stain the wood parts of the skinny sofa table. Use a waterproof sealant if you use the sofa table for potted plants or fixing drinks or food.

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