How to Refinish Wood Table

May 28th

How to refinish wood table? A table of wood painted at some point, need a new paint job. Over time, extraction and placement of books and other objects can cause finish to be spent and become opaque. A fresh coat of paint can renew a table of timber and leave it as new. Make a good result to follow clear and simple procedure. Finish work in less than a couple of hours. So this time we will see how to refinish wood table? More in detail process of renewing image of furniture, a useful cabinet, chest of drawers that can be used both in bedroom and in dining room.

With a spatula, scrape adhered elements on surface of shelves. Sand entire surface of table with sandpaper medium grain, do you need to remove all old paint, but make sure there are no loose or peeling sections? Clean entire surface of table with rag dampened with mineral spirits. This product clean surface and remove particulate sanding process.

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With a brush 4 inches (10 cm), latex paint applied on table. Paint shelves from back to front to not lean on already painted areas. Let paint dry for 24 hours and, if necessary, apply second coat. How to refinish wood table? That’s simple