How To Wear Granite Table Tops

Feb 10th

 For eleven years I have in my kitchen granite countertops, an excellent material for the day, which allows handling food and utensils without thinking too much about its deterioration, because granite table tops  it is easy  is non porous, and supports pots fresh from the fire without suffering at all. Let’s see my experience about their care, has led me to defend a less aggressive cleaning it possible.

I saw pieces in some kitchens that are faded and lost all the glitz; wondering how cleans the counter, I checked how all has been adecentadas using abrasive pads, or metal or green fiber sponges known. that granite table tops these lengths, as the granite supports both gentle cleansing with soap and water, ammonia solution, or alcohol based cleaners, and if necessary a thorough cleaning with disinfecting bleach my dense.

Experience about it, I think we should put more emphasis on the fabric used in the products. If heavy use soap or bleach and water (always a good rinse), applying the with a soft sponge or a mop of blue fibers (no line), and clarify and dry granite table tops them with a microfiber cloth, have a clean counter, bright. Microfiber and paper capture dirt and absorb moisture, leaving the granite with a spectacular shine. Both can be complementary or used separately

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