Installation A Commercial Baby Changing Table

May 25th

Installation A Commercial Baby Changing Table – The wall-mounted changing tables are available in many public restrooms provide parents with a comfortable place to tend to their children’s diapering needs. Proper installation of the table is crucial to maintain safe operation, and the only permanent walls can carry heavy loads can support the changing table properly.

First steps for installation a commercial baby changing table, Installation of the keyhole-Mount tables. Unpack the changing table and check additional hardware is included as screws and all the fixings. Locate the wall studs with a stud finder and mark them with a pencil. Check the changing table to see if the screw holes aligned with studs. Measure the desired height of the changing table and mark the wall then the center of the stud. Measure and mark the opposite mounting screw location using a level.

Next steps for installation a commercial baby changing table, drill two holes for screws or toggle bolts. Install the two mounting screws into the holes, but do not tighten them completely. Leave enough of the screw exposed to allow the keyhole slots located on the changing table to slide over the screws and place. Slide changing table frame over the screws until it locks into place and then tighten the mounting screws completely. Mark and drill all remaining screw sites. Install and tighten each screw to ensure proper installation. Test shooting table strength and durability before use. Open and Close the table repeatedly, placing a heavy object like a tool box or books on the table to ensure that the screws remain against the wall and table chassis does not wiggle or loosen.

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