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Iron And Wood Coffee Table – Therefore, we will make a table of iron and wood as to take advantage of the space in the small kitchen and lounge. On the other hand, I have to apologize because I do not own process images embodiment’s of the wooden deck of the table, the camera I ran out of battery. the only drawback of making the iron and wood coffee table with iron is that we must know how to work it, and also have specialized tools in this material: cutting machines , arc welding … at the end of the process we will have a beautiful and functional table by ourselves , with the measures we need and where we are going to locate.

Step: 1. we begin by cutting the legs, width and length of the table dinning room. For this we use a grinder or radial and support for himself, a cutting iron. 2. The measures cutting, in my case and for a iron and wood coffee table with overall dimensions of 1.40 long, 90 wide and 76 inches high are: the legs to 72 cm (using the squares of 50 × 50 mm) long to 1.10 cm (using the squares of 35 × 35 mm) wide and 70 cm (using the squares of 35 × 35 mm).Iron and wood,

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