Maintenance Teak Patio Table

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Maintenance Teak Patio Table – Learn about how you can best maintain your teak patio table. In addition you will also find all the information about the use and handling of various protection products. Each teak table has its own maintenance required, depending on the difference in lifestyle and expectations in terms of color and appearance.

Sandpaper If you do not have protective layer on your teak patio table, you risk that grease stains can come. These are very easy to remove a piece of sandpaper again. You can just have your table with a damp cloth. Another advantage is that the table retains virtually the same color (all dark wood changes color over time). Teak is particular oil; therefore the wood is also very suitable for use outdoors. This oil even though it provides for its own protective layer, it is a very greasy type of wood.

Teak patio table to deal with the many days with green soap, teak is naturally oily wood. The soft soap is too greasy; it then creates a natural look of the table and prevents grease stains. In addition, the wood changes color at least. The disadvantage may be that the table every few days a while should be cleaned with a damp cloth and soft soap. But whether you just use a damp cloth, or you do some soft soap in, this is the difference in work either.

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