Making an Inexpensive Wood Picnic Table

Mar 10th

In good weather, few things are more enjoyable than dining out. Whether children are friends for a picnic or enjoying a family barbecue, you want to make sure you have a proper seat for your event outdoors. The outdoor furniture can cost hundreds of dollars and letting go short in places to sit. Fortunately, with a little creativity and work, you can create one or two domestic wood picnic table cheaply. Locate cheap wood. Visit local construction site to see if you can get free wood, or buy cheap pine boards from your local hardware store.

Wood picnic table cut four extensions your 2 x 4 (5 x 10 cm). Each piece should be 33 inches (82.5 cm). Uses a range of hand cut one end of each piece at an angle of 22.5 degrees (56.2 cm). Measuring from the upper end of the angle, the board marks to 30.75 inches (76.8 cm). Measure angle degrees (56.2 cm) from the mark so that it is parallel to the cut on the opposite end. Cut along the angle. These four parts are the legs of your table. Cut two extensions of 30.5 inches (76.2 cm) wooden your 2 x 4 (5 x 10 cm). Cutting a 22.5 degree angle from each end of each panel run towards each other. If done well, the shape of each board will be a trapeze.

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