Making Placemats for Round Table

Nov 24th

Placemats for round table – The round tables are a friendly conversation, so a popular choice for kitchens, dining furniture and outdoor patio. Although it tends to be easy to find round tablecloths, it is often harder to find placemats designed to fit the round shape and in colors or designs that you like. Placemats best fit for round tables are curved wedges, sometimes called fans. The mats are easy to make.

Making placemats for round table are cut chain 4 feet long and tape one end of it in the center of his desk. Cut a piece of Kraft paper 16 by 20 inches. Fold the paper in half to 10 centimeters and fold. Deployment. Place the paper on the table for the center fold aligns with the chain and center fold area of the document is even with the edge of the table. Tape the paper down. The two lower corners hang over the edge of the table due to the curve.

Follow the curve of the placemats for round table and draw a line along the outer edge of your paper. 8 inches from the crease at the top of the paper to the left and place a mark. Draw a straight line from A to the lower left corner of your paper. Draw a line from B to the lower right corner of your paper online. Now you have a wedge custom curve that exactly matches your table. Use scissors to cut the wedge. Place the pattern over two pieces of fabric and quilt batting. Pin and cut. Place a piece of fabric face side down, place your quilt batting on top, and finish with a piece of fabric face up. Its fabrics and quilt batting together. Unroll the bias tape and insert the quilted fabric into the folds of the tape.

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