Nice Vanity Set With Mirror

Mar 14th

Children love to imitate adults. They often try on scarves, parents’ shoes and hats or try to experiment with perfumes and makeup cosmetics. Especially for small fashion lovers, miniature vanity set with mirror for children are created. The colorful tables are equipped with properly secured mirrors, hair accessories and backlight. Some models also play music or display holograms.

Such furniture is usually intended for children from 3 to 6 years of age. Older children can be given a more “adult” piece of furniture with dimensions adapted to their size. The ideal choice may be, for example, a vanity with a Provencal-style mirror. Delicate, carved fronts, pastel colors and natural materials will perfectly fit into the cheerful style of the children’s room. Vanity set with mirror is also found in other, light, simple forms.

Big thanks to shallow countertops and drawers and folding or retractable mirrors and built-in organizers for cosmetics. So modern dressing tables harmoniously combine aesthetic and practical functions. An inseparable element of urban lofts is furniture with shiny, mirror tops covered with a layer of varnish. Depending on the color and convention of the dominant bedroom, you can choose a vanity set with mirror made of wood in white or black. Or even special materials combined with metal, steel or glass.

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