Painting Salvaged Wood Dining Table

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Salvaged wood dining table – Wooden dining tables, whether new or old, can easily be painted any color, you choose. Paint a wooden table should not take more than a few hours. Prepare the table will take much or more than the painting process; is absolutely necessary a good preparation of the table so that the paint is absorbed properly and look good.

Salvaged wood dining table place a piece of cloth on the floor to place the table on it. This will protect the floor from any stain of paint. Lija entire table with coarse sandpaper, and then a fine. Clean the table and then give it back to rest on the top. Clean them with a piece of cloth or brush them with a dry brush. Put on goggles and mask and spray an even coat of primer on the legs.

Salvaged wood dining table, open and stir the paint. Once the primer is dry, paint a thin layer with paint on each table leg, one at a time. Let the paint dry completely before applying the next layer. Carefully turn the table to its normal position. Remove dust from the table with a piece of clean cloth. Sprinkle the top of the table and its edges with the base. When spraying the corners near the legs of the table, place a piece of cardboard under the rim base to prevent staining your table legs and painted.