Petrified Wood Side Table Ideas

Mar 3rd

Petrified Wood Side Table – Come up with one of those collections that arouse curiosity and admiration in equal parts. This time we will focus on a number of design tables that cannot be original. They are tables that you will not find in typical stores that usually go when we need to buy some furniture. They are so special projects that in most cases are not for sale to the public, although I am convinced that its creators would have no problem to sell them at exorbitant prices.

Table made with half of a frustum

It is a perfect petrified wood side table for homes or restaurants decorated in rustic style. It consists of a wooden trunk cut in half that runs the entire structure from end to end. The cut portion is exhibited through the glass that supports to support flatware diners. The side panels are made of steel.

Glass table with built-river

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This petrified wood side table is no less spectacular than the last. It is inspired by the trees on the banks of the nook sack river, where the study of the creator of this table is so original glass. As you can see in the pictures below, it is as if a river crossed the table side by side in the middle.