Reclaimed Wood End Table

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Reclaimed Wood End Table – It was a table made entirely of recycled wood which was home and I went overrunning of other projects, therefore I have not had to buy anything. But if you do not have wood at home, we have the option to buy in any DIY center, shop or specialized wood, hardware store. The dimensions of the coffee reclaimed wood end table were as follows: a cover or board 60 x 60 cm and 43 cm high of, and have been a custom to room measures where it is to be placed. Therefore, you can perfectly adapt the measures on the table to your needs, tastes.

Step: 1). To make the coffee table I used scraps of wood that was home to other projects, so I have not had to buy wood. We started to mark and then cut the legs. They will have a length of 40.5 cm and a thickness of 3.5 x 3.5 cm. 2). I have been working the bar until 4 legs with the measures discussed in the previous section. 3). On the other lath have obtained the crossbars. They’ve cut to 52 cm long and 5 cm high. Therefore, we have the structure of the reclaimed wood end table legs and crossbars, only the cover or top panel.