Stylish Decorate a Davinci Changing Table

Feb 12th

Davinci changing table – If the davinci changing table has seen better days, but is about to be put into service again, dressed up with a little paint and pizazz to welcome your new baby. Hide the flaws of the table with a fresh layer or two of water based, low VOC paint, which releases less than regular paint chemical substances and is safer for the baby. Stamps or templates can add personality – or help change the flowers and hearts of dinosaurs and trucks.

Buy a paint-safe for baby davinci changing table. A satin finish is a good choice because it offers a little shine and is washable. Paint the table at least one month before the due date. Place a drop cloth or plastic sheets on the floor and put the davinci changing table on top of it. Make sure you have plenty of space to paint, with access to all four sides. Rough to finishing the table with sandpaper to help the paint adheres better. Paint the table in your chosen color. Allow the paint to dry according to label directions and apply a second coat if necessary.

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Stylish decorate a davinci changing table Seal and template, Use rubber stamps or foam to decorate the table. Cut a regular household sponge to form a star, heart, moon or another, dipping in painting art and press to the table. Lift without twisting. Use templates to paint name or other phrase of the child on the table.  Erase mistakes paint, over the stamping or stenciling with the color used for the table.  Protect your new finish with two coats of non – toxic, clear water – based polyurethane, sanding lightly between coats. This step is optional, but will help the paint must survive nursery.