What Causes Scratches on Glass Dining Room Table Sets?

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Glass tables give a room a modern and open aspect. Thick glass can withstand a lot of wear and use if properly cared, but can easily be scratched if precautions are not taken and caution. The metal is harder than glass and using utensils and tools near glass, even just putting down without protection or buffer and then move on the surface of the table, can spoil the smooth glass. Arts and crafts, homework Fix-it project damage glass dining room table sets surface, scratches and damage it. Cleaning a glass table is like cleaning a mirror or window. Harsh chemicals and rough cloths used for surface cleaning can damage glass dining room table sets.

To prevent a glass table scratching, use a tablecloth to set the dishes and cutlery in. Make sure they are not cushioned pads to fix the dishes they serve in. Do not scratch anything through the surface of glass dining room table sets top. Lift rather than drag. For art, craft projects put a cover over the glass before starting work. Put funds padded decorative items or vases set on the table. Wipe with a soft cloth, liquid dish soap and water or cleaning sprays appropriate glass.

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