Wood Slab Tables and Function

Jul 14th

Wood slab tables – One of the most popular trends in furniture and design currently uses the bits that are friendly or “green”. As an example, is located in the popularity of furniture, which formed large hardcover, solid pieces of wood, which has often been recovered or returned from other sources. The wood used in wood natural fall, instead of the traditional wood produced, is another example of eco-resource for furniture. In this way, the wood recycling made pieces of furniture which are unique and interesting at the same time conserving resources. The shape of the furniture is usually slightly irregular, rather than the traditional rectangle or circle, which adds to the aesthetic.

Perhaps the most common example of a solid motherboard furniture wood slab tables was a table. The kitchen table is topped with a large, often irregularly shaped piece of wood, and paired with a good walk rural aesthetic, as the wood is added or contrast with it, like steel or metal. Other parts are made of hard wood of the bed, chest of drawers, headboards includes cabinets and chairs.

This kind of furniture wood slab tables under several different styles of decoration. Of course, it works well with rural settings, cabin-like, because it’s so natural and wooded. Many times, the traditional rural bed made of rough-hewn logs, provided the fixed bed head Board. However, the Board also complies with the more modern fixed patterns, in particular when combined with light industrial or metal. Metal table legs are thin and natural, organic looking up on the fixed plate is an example of a “rural contemporary” design.Wood slabs for table centerpieces,

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